Real Estate Photography Services

How can you make your listing stand out and hook people into coming to see your property?  More than 90% of buyers scan hundreds of photos and interior slideshows to identify properties to tour.  You need outstanding photographs to show how inviting your home is.


Why ask a professional to photograph your property? Everyone shops for homes on the internet and outstanding photographs bring buyers in. If you are the owner, marketing a property for vacation rentals or selling a home yourself, you may be trying to save money. Wouldn't you like to get a higher price with great photographs of your property? If you are a realtor, you are probably thinking you can save time because you are at the property anyway. Would you rather spend your time following up on leads and building your business or setting up lighting and post-processing photographs?


You say you have a good DSLR. How many of your photographs have you enlarged and framed to put on your living room wall? Are you comfortable basing the return on a big investment in real estate on your photography skills? Rooms should look like they have vertical and horizontal lines, not crazy angles. Windows should show off the view not blown out white blotches.













For example, the photo of the kitchen on the left above has chairs scattered on one side, clutter on the counters and reflections on the counters and ceilings.  The photo on the right is cleared of clutter, is lit evenly and eliminates glare on the counters and ceiling.

My goal is to create photographs that could appear in a magazine as well as your online listing. I can help with advice about removing clutter, which always seems to be magnified in photographs. I have primary and backup cameras, a selection of lenses, tripods, portable studio lights and flashguns, and the know-how to compose the photos to help sell your property. I will make sure the colors in your photographs are the same as the colors of the property. I usually have the photographs available for you to download within 1 business day of the shoot.

How does this work?

I like to talk with you ahead of time to learn about your property and the features you want to highlight. When you have the property staged and ready to be photographed I will meet you there so we can discuss furniture placement and lighting to enhance the composition of a photo. The first thing I like to do when I arrive is make a quick tour of the property so I can see where the highlights are and we can talk about some details and how you want the property to appear in the photos. I work efficiently through each room, but with and eye to staging for photographs rather than for personal visits.  Your eye is drawn to different elements in a two-dimensional picture compared to what you notice in the actual environment and I account for that with my set up work. Exterior shots are somewhat dependent on the weather and I can do some things with editing to help brighten up gloomy day photos. 

We will look at the shots as I make them, on the back of the camera, so we avoid having to come back for a retake.

Our Standard Real Estate package includes:

  • All premium photographs with blended exposures of the interior and exterior (window views) 
  • Supplemental lighting for interior photographs as recommended by the photographer
  • Any additional studio enhancements performed by agreement at the time of the shoot
  • Final digital image files in JPG format will be available for you to download from our online gallery
  • License for print and online marketing/advertising use
  • Bonus: Discounted rate on future Real Estate packages


  • Scheduling fee:     $  50
  • Up to 10 photos:    $100
  • 11 to 15 photos:    $100 plus photos 11-15 at $10 each
  • 16 to 20 photos:    $275 plus photos 16-20 at $7 each
  • Additional photos above 20:  $5 each

By the way, I do have general liability insurance. 

Ready to go?

Contact me and set up a session. Here are some suggestions for getting your property ready:

  • Clean it: Vacuum the carpets, clean the floors, dust the tables, wash the windows and walls.  Don't forget the basement, if you want a photo down there.
  • Touch up the paint: Clean any scuff marks or greasy finger prints on painted surfaces, fill any holes and touch up the paint.  Check the exterior for flaking paint and touch that up, too.
  • Clean up the landscaping: Mow the yard and plant some flowers in the beds for a splash of color.  Keep the flower beds weeded and consider putting in some neutral color mulch. There probably isn't time available to plant some ground cover to grow and fill in.
  • Stage it: Make the property look spacious by clearing out the clutter. A rule of thumb is to move 20% to 30% of your stuff out. You want buyers to picture their own furniture and personal items here and not crowd them out with your own.  Box up and store any personal items like family photos and memorabilia. If you can, rent a storage unit and avoid filling up the basement or attic because that will make your storage spaces look smaller. 
  • Shoot it: After reading all this, if you decide you want to do this yourself, at least read this free real estate photography guide. After you look over your photos, if you conclude they look like the ones above on the left you can still contact me to get some great photos of your property.