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Sue and I have been fortunate to travel to some fun places and we have put some of the photos here. We also offer event, portrait and head shot photography services that are described in the various menu items at the top of the page. Please contact me for help with photographing your event or making a top notch portrait of you or your family.

These photos were taken around Cape Town and Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. We took the Rovos Rail train from Pretoria to Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls, so there are one or two there. If you like them, please look over our ebook, formatted for the iPad, which chronicles our 18-day journey in photographs and describes mthe landscapes, wildlife, people, guest houses and safari camps, and transportation in this beautiful place. The book is available at:
Hout BayVineland CountryAfrican Penguin ChickWhite Eye WarblerRovos RailCape BuffaloYearlingBaby RhinoGiraffe EyelashesCape Buffalo MigrationZebra HeadrestVictoria Falls RainbowLeopard AlertLechweCoppery-tailed CoucalGiraffe HerdSunset between the TreesStare DownAngry BirdStay in Step Baby

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