Individual Portraits and Head Shots

What first impression will you create?

Bryan HansenBryan HansenPresident and Chief Nuclear Officer, Exelon Nuclear       Christy NolandChristy Noland

Rae Rupp-SrchRae Rupp-Srch       Derek LadgenskiDerek LadgenskiPartner, Katten Muchin Roseman, LLP   Kelly MorelandKelly Moreland

Chad ChobanChad Choban       Cassandra SalinasCassandra Salinas

Your photo on LinkedIn and on your website could be the first impression you make for a client, customer, or potential employer. According to the Wall Street Journal, “LinkedIn profiles that include a photograph are seven times more likely to be viewed than those that don’t, according to company stats.  Without a photo, you’ll be more likely to miss out on a job rather than land one.”

You probably have a photograph on LinkedIn and possibly on, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Is that photo the first impression you want to make with your customers, clients, colleagues, and potential employers? A quality executive portrait can display your confidence, trustworthiness, enthusiasm and more.  It builds your brand and promotes you.

I can help you make a great impression. Here are two photos taken in the same place with an iPhone and with professional equipment and minimal retouching. Personally, I prefer the second shot compared to the one with the orange tinted big nose and dark shadows.


I try to create a friendly and easy-going atmosphere and get to know you as we go through this process. My goal is to give you a photograph that tells your story. I realize that your time is not necessarily your own and so I work efficiently without rushing you.  I have portable lighting and backdrops so we can make your photographs where it is convenient for you; in your home or office, an outdoor setting, a business venue, or my home-based studio. If you want to use an office or outdoor setting, I will scout it out ahead of time and have everything ready when you arrive. I like to shoot your photographs while we are having a conversation so we can keep everything casual and easy.  I will make your photos with different lighting and compositions and show the photographs to you as we shoot them so you can see how we are doing.       

Do you need a single high-quality portrait for social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)? 



Do you want to use your portraits for varying purposes such as social media, customer presentations, business cards and brochures, print media with text overlays, and personal use? Are you in an office with others who would benefit from a professional headshot so we could make portraits for multiple people in a single session?

Jennifer PriceJennifer Price      Erik JohnsonErik JohnsonVice President of Development     Sue Ann KimSue Ann Kim

Erin SkaggsErin Skaggs     Sharon PikeSharon Pike     Amanda NagleAmanda Nagle

Richard is a fantastic photographer who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of a client. He captures all the details of an event beautifully and does awesome business portraits of staff. We truly enjoy working with Rich.  

- Erin Skaggs, Easter Seals Marketing & Communications

Do you need multiple photos for the people in your office and want them to have a consistent format?

We should talk.  I have lots of questions for you and I'm sure you have lots of things in mind for your headshots.  I generally provide:

  • Custom portrait lighting approach
  • In-session image review and private online proof and download gallery
  • Final image files prepared in a high resolution print-ready JPEG available for you to download from our online gallery
  • Bonus: Choose two of the following social media profile image options
    • Facebook cover photo sized specifically for Facebook cover photo dimensions (851 x315 pixels)
    • LinkedIn Profile photo sized specifically for either Non-premium dimensions (200 by 200 pixel) or Premium dimensions (240 by 240 pixels)
    • Twitter banner image sized specifically for Twitter banner image dimensions (1500 by 500 pixels)
    • Website banner images – two images for use on your blog or website.  You look toward the viewer or into the page from either side.  Sized specifically for website banners (1200 by 500 pixels or to your custom dimensions)
    • image sized specifically for dimensions (1680 by 1050 pixels) and optimized as a file
  • License for print and marketing/advertising use

Ready to go?

Contact me and set up a session.  Here are some tips to prepare for it.

  • For men, try to get your hair cut a week or two before your session. Your hair will look more natural if you get it cut several days in advance.
  • On the other hand, ladies, you may want to have your hair styled the same day.
  • Get a good night's sleep the day before your session, drink plenty of water, and avoid salty foods and alcohol.  This helps reduce dark circles under your eyes.
  • Mid- to late-morning are ideal times to schedule your session--you'll feel more energized and typically have fewer things on your mind.
  • If your session is late in the day or in the evening, take time to freshen up your appearance.  Men should consider shaving again to reduce any five-o'clock shadow.  A camera seems to exaggerate details so makeup should be simple and minimize shine on your skin from lights or the sun.
  • Wear clothing that fits well--not too tight and not too loose.  Bring clothes that are fresh and wrinkle-free.
  • Solids in darker colors (blue, gray) and mid-tones photograph well on most people.  For studio portraits, I use a gray background since it works well with nearly any color clothing.
  • Keep your accessories simple. Neckties, scarves, and jewelry should not draw attention away from your face. 
  • Long-sleeved clothing that creates a v-neckline (like a jacket with shirt underneath) looks flattering in pictures.  Turtlenecks should be avoided. 
  • Unless you plan to update your portrait annually, stay away from trendy looks or anything that will appear dated in a few years.