Rich Howe Photography

Naperville, IL

Cell: 630-862-6024


Visual Storyteller

I am a photojournalist. I capture a story with my camera and I try to make my photographs put you in a particular moment and cause you to be pleased, proud, intrigued, awed, curious, or surprised. I suppose the feeling doesn't matter so much as causing a reaction.  If I can cause a response like that, the photograph will be memorable. 

Everybody is a photographer these days and you probably have a good camera in your smartphone. Would you print the shot of your family at your fortieth anniversary celebration to hang on a wall? Do you hope to hand your cell phone to a friend when you get remarried so you have a shot of you and your new spouse? Do you have an up-to-date head shot to use for a job search, a customer presentation, or your company website?  You'll be a lot more confident that you will have a wall-hanger photo if you hire me.  I can give you what you need.

  • I have made photographs for families that have been printed large and are hanging on their wall.
  • I have covered business events and my photographs have been published in brochures, newspapers and magazines.
  • I have photographed Special Olympics Illinois events and published a book of photographs for them.
  • I have worked with people at all levels in just about any kind of role and can make a portrait that shows who you are.
  • I recognize the difference between a business portrait for a customer presentation or hiring manager and a head shot for a casting director or modeling agency.
  • I can create digital files to meet the image sizing and format requirements of head shots on Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter,, and website banner pages.

I provide event and portrait photography services and I enjoy doing a lot for charities like Special Olympics and Easter Seals. I am a great observer and my photographs show real emotion in actual situations.  I tend to get more good photographs from a distance than I do by stepping in and posing people or participating in a situation. Most of what I do for charities is paid in smiles and my event and portrait work covers my operating expenses. 

I left a management role at an IT company in 2009 but worked part-time on some projects for a while. After 30 years of carrying around cameras, working part-time freed me up to take photography seriously in 2010. I have built up my skills over the last few years and I have everything I need to give you the story of your event in photographs or to make your portraits where it is most convenient for you; in your home or office, an outdoor setting, a business venue, or my home-based studio.

I have a couple of portrait and event service packages for personal and business use that are described under the menu on my website so you can get an idea of what I offer. Everyone is unique and I often work up a quote for situations like portraits for several people in a single office or agency, shots of a performance or conference to use for advertising, etc. I just need to know what your circumstances are and we will set it up.

I will make your photos available on my website or we can use old-fashioned mail to get them to you. I have outsourced my photo printing to one of the national professional labs and they do very high quality work. 

Contact me so we can get to know each other and we can schedule the date for your event or portrait. I will help arrange a comfortable setting for us to make your photographs. Check out some of my work for Special Olympics and Easter Seals in the "Events" section.  Take a look at some of my galleries and judge for yourself whether my style fits your needs.  I am looking forward to talking with you.

One last thing.  My wife, Sue, and I have been lucky to be able to travel to all seven continents now and we have a small collection of "wall hangers" available here.